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Water Proof


SD 700WR-U

The SD 700WR series continues to improve and is available in S, N, and R versions, and is now available in the U version, which integrates all the functions.


The measurement accuracy is high by using Pt100Ω platinum resistance thermometer

Easy to use functions such as calibration with the front touch switch

Settings can be made using the TV's remote control. *

Display the current time *

Celsius Fahrenheit

Improved user convenience with a fixed value display function in case of sensor failure.


The * mark is optional.


Touch Switch

The built-in touch switch allows you to use functions such as temperature compensation, decimal point selection and unit conversion.


The touch switch is marked by small protrusion just below the front numeric display.


Time Display

You can also add a clock function that displays the current time as well as temperature.

If you add clock function, you can set the display time of the temperature and clock separately.

(E.g. temperature display 10 sec. and clock display 15 sec.)



Temperature compensation is simple with the front touch switch.

If the display temperature is high, set the - value; otherwise, set the + value.



In addition to the built-in sensor, power supply and wall hooks, a wide range of accessories are supported, including a bracket pole for attaching to the floor or ceiling. particularly, the floor stand can adjust the installation angle of the indicator.


Waterproof Sensor

The factory provided genuine waterproof sensor provides accurate temperature measurement using a platinum resistance element. In addition, it is possible to use for a long time by double waterproofing inside and outside.

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